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Selene Yakumo OC :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 3 0
MORE COLOR TOUHOU!! Edit by xXAlice-YakumoXx MORE COLOR TOUHOU!! Edit :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 3 0 That tiny bit of color. (Edit) by xXAlice-YakumoXx That tiny bit of color. (Edit) :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 4 3 Phantom Thief Elf by xXAlice-YakumoXx Phantom Thief Elf :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 1 5 Dark Cure Custard by xXAlice-YakumoXx Dark Cure Custard :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 6 9 Asashimo scribble edit by xXAlice-YakumoXx Asashimo scribble edit :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 2 0
Trashbin: Beyond the Body
Beyond the body
Plot: A repulsive prophet comes to a village in Dartone, the man is foul smelling and sickening. He begins preaching of The Maidens but upon sighting Raven and Yukari (Who are there on one of Yukari's religious trips) He calls Yukari a 'Danokarn' which is an old word for 'she who brings the end' clearly upset by this Yukari runs off. Raven chases her and gets her to the inn. He then confronts the prophet and is tempted to beat him half to death but respects Yukari's wishes for him to keep violence to a last resort and not to taunt others. Despite trying to reason with the Prophet he refuses to listen and his 'preaching' go on and on about Yukari. As the days pass the town folk begin to think killing Yukari will help solve the matter. Raven hires a professional hitman to take care of him. While the Hitman DOES successfully carry out the deed three times the prophet keeps coming back. The Hitman is confused by this and tells Raven he does not have to pay him because he co
:iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 3 0
Trash bin: The Third Rose War
The Third Rose War:
Story: After explaining more about the first and second wars (I really only went into the first) Satomi would find her judgement's becoming more and more in question to herself and her people. Despite pressure she'd hold up well. ((However soon a crazed Sonnet would handedly try to wipe out Rosefield and fail miserably feeling something was off Satomi has Sonnet thrown in the tower and restrained she then later goes to visit Sonnet. Sonnet is mumbling madly about her 'kingdom come' and is poeticly making threats none of which make any sense as half the things she's saying aren't addressing anyone Satomi knows till the name Selene comes up. Knowing that name from somewhere Satomi plays along with Sonnet's ravings trying to get inside her head.))
Switched to:
After explaining more about the first and second wars (I really only went into the first) Satomi would find her judgement's becoming more and more in question to herself and her people. Despite pressure she'd hol
:iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 2 0
Mature content
The white lion :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 1 2
Trash bin: My darkest days
Originally I thought of having Miyako, Alyen and Jin on 'Earthrealm' investigating a demon (Female) possessing a human (Male) creating some serious shit for Earthrealm. Time screwing up and distortions all around.  During their time down there a kidnapping in a small town would be heard of which Raven would be looking into, a young girl. This girl Raven would be trying to kill. Jin Alyen and Miyako would all fight Raven and put up a good fight too however Raven would get a 'head shot' on the girl killing her.
Twist: The girl was the demon the whole time and the adult female was the hostage.
The male was the demon and the female was the hostage, Raven's relationship with Chelsea (the girl)
was returning a favor from THAT place (Spoils omitted)
Ending: Raven would go back to wandering and the issue would be solved.
The idea of this: To deepen relationships as well as introduce new character's while giving Miyako more time in the spotlight (She does play an important role after al
:iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 2 0
Gin Tama edit by xXAlice-YakumoXx Gin Tama edit :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 5 0 Murakumo Edit by xXAlice-YakumoXx Murakumo Edit :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 4 0
Mature content
Game Theroy: Yukari is deeply depressed :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 1 0
HDN Game Theory: Why Iffy has such an imagination
Welcome to Alice's better then Matpat's Game Theories. So this one is being written by me and supported but was thought up by someone else (Credits in the description.) As the title says this is based on HDN and our lovely IF (A.K.A Iffy.)
So over the games we've seen Iffy no matter if it's Rebirth or not she can handle herself in a fight. Now her skills however have an interesting description as well as her weapons constanrtly state that they aren't what they say by using endings such as "In Iffy's Imagination." or "According to Iffy's middleschooler mind." Why though? Why would she have said mindset and what is a rather vivid imagination brought into combat? As a Martial Artist  and someone whose been in plenty of fights I can vouch for focusing on the fight itself and reading your enemy being more important than wondering if a goddess who I know doesn't exist. Not just due to religion but the fact I made her up. Has enough potential to heal an granted we don't have
:iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 1 1
Mature content
The guide to romance (Starters) :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 5 1
Tsukano Yuki Edit (2) by xXAlice-YakumoXx Tsukano Yuki Edit (2) :iconxxalice-yakumoxx:xXAlice-YakumoXx 4 0


Give a Beer to Those Men by spiritualfeel Give a Beer to Those Men :iconspiritualfeel:spiritualfeel 29 17 Alma in her wedding dress by Daywish Alma in her wedding dress :icondaywish:Daywish 44 4 Rem Render #2 by Princess-of-Thorn Rem Render #2 :iconprincess-of-thorn:Princess-of-Thorn 119 0 Neko Present by TheSWKing Neko Present :icontheswking:TheSWKing 35 5 Ahri D.vafied .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Ahri D.vafied .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,002 352 Body of Water by Desu-of-Hakurei Body of Water :icondesu-of-hakurei:Desu-of-Hakurei 12 24 Drifting by OTsunaO Drifting :iconotsunao:OTsunaO 71 21 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Angel Portrait by SabishikuKage Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Angel Portrait :iconsabishikukage:SabishikuKage 94 79 Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower by Firefly-Path Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,359 63 The Second by Aoleev The Second :iconaoleev:Aoleev 196 22 Corrin Princess of Nohr by TheSWKing Corrin Princess of Nohr :icontheswking:TheSWKing 27 2 The White Gardenia by MariaSatomiDarkheart The White Gardenia :iconmariasatomidarkheart:MariaSatomiDarkheart 3 0 Rias Gremory by KioryAlion Rias Gremory :iconkioryalion:KioryAlion 171 9 Kasumi Raygear II by Milefortune Kasumi Raygear II :iconmilefortune:Milefortune 9 0
Mature content
Marigold Sunshower in 'A Spirit Bound' :iconwilledgecomb:WillEdgecomb 7 22
Warrior Queen - Sit 4 by SteveBlazer
Mature content
Warrior Queen - Sit 4 :iconsteveblazer:SteveBlazer 6 2



Making good progress on my next story "Blood in the Wasteland." Marian was rather verbally abused a lot in "Outcast" and I know who I base her off of reads this. So to you, It's not personal. For the sake of plot I won't say much more than it ISN'T as bad in this one. Honestly I hope you don't feel hurt by it. That is NOT my intention.…

Part Four: Dearly Beloved.
Even the Queen has her secrets
And an enraged Raven runs into an unexpected surprise on the way to his next personal objective.


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